What time will my photographer arrive on my wedding day?
I will arrive at least an hour earlier than scheduled on your wedding day. Early arrival gives you peace of mind and gives me time to setup and be ready to start without rushing. I will start working as soon as I arrive and you are not charged for my early arrival.

Is it possible to meet in person to wedding day consultation?
Yes, by all means we can meet in person to discuss your big day. I am always available to meet in person to answer questions and show more of my portfolio.  Your wedding day is a huge event so you should try to establish a great connection with your photographer. 

How long have you been shooting weddings?
I have been shooting weddings for 7 years and I am extremely experienced with the flow of the wedding day. I am experienced with both American and South Asian weddings.

How soon will I receive my photos?
You will receive your photos no later than 30 days after the wedding. The 30 days insures that you will receive a top quality product. 

Do you outsource your editing or photography?
I do not outsource my photography or the editing of my images. The advantage of booking with me is that you will receive the quality of photography that is shown in my portfolio and I will be the one that photographs your wedding. My clients are a priority to me and I do not send anyone in my place to photograph your wedding.

How do you strive to provide excellent customer service?
Clients are treated as people, not numbers. You are more than welcome to ask as many questions as you like and all of your emails and phone calls will be returned in a prompt manner. I am not in the bulk wedding business so I am able to give each client the individual attention they deserve before, during and after their wedding.

Is photography your main business?
Yes, I am a full time photographer and I absolutely love my job. I view myself as both a photographer and an artist so I take a great deal of pride in my work. Photography is not only my career it is my passion and I enjoy every process of it from shooting to post production.

Will you be photographing other events on the same day as my wedding?
No, absolutely not. I do not photograph anything else besides your wedding on your wedding day. My objective is to stay available to you on your big day as things can and sometimes change. I will not rush you or leave your event early due to another event or project. The day of your wedding is my number one priority.

How will I receive my images and what is included?
You will receive your wedding images on a USB DRIVE and your images will be edited. You will receive a LARGE size image to print and a SMALL size image for Facebook. You will also receive a letter of copyright so that you can print your images or have a book made out of them if you desire to do so.